SB 150GB Gear Box - preheater

Technical Specification

  • Engine : Powered by 6hp diesel engine with electric start system.
  • Paint tank capacity : 300 kg(150 liters) capacity tank. Inner tank made of stainless steel plate. Second layer made of mild steel plate as air jacketed wall.
  • Stirrer mixing system : Dry air compressor-imported. 500 lit/min air delivery at 10 bar working pressure.
  • Paint tank : 200kg (100 liters) capacity paint tank complete with hydraulic stirrer. Fitted with temperature gauge and high pressure burner. Air jacketed tank with direct heating system, no thermal oil. Inner tank and outside cover are made of stainless steel plate.
  • Machine Chassis :Heavy-duty chassis made of special mild steel channels. Designed to withstand damages during operation on the rough and tough road surface.
  • Glass bead system : Special Glass Bead spray gun for road marking application. Gun with changeable nozzles according to the line width. Specially designed for spraying beads accurately and precise spreading. 20kg capacity glass bead container-non pressurized.
  • Gas system : Well distributed LPG gas system with safety regulator. LPG burner for paint tank and screed shoes . DC temperature control sensor of Danfoss make to control the flame. One high pressure hand torch attached with the machine.
  • Wheels : Two heavy duty wheels in the front axle for steering and two wheels in the rear, with hydraulic motors attached incorporated with parking brake.
  • Screed shoe : A choice of 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 500mm creed shoes. Basic machine comes with 100mm and 150mm screed shoe only. Pneumatically activated shoes. Raised rib marking according to the standard specification follow world wide.


  • Special designed skip line device to control the screed shoe and glass bead spray gun according to desired line length.
  • It works automatically according to the machine speed.


  • Heavy-duty manual steering system for firm operation.


  • World class brand complete pneumatic system.
  • Pneumatic operation can be done with solenoid or manually.
  • Designed with auto release valve.
  • Complete with water filter, lubricator, and flow regulators.

DC electric

  • 12V DC electric circuit with emergency safety control button with other important
  • electrical components according to the road safety standard.
  • Signals light, parking light, working lights, horn, revolving lights, sport light,
  • safety meters, battery protector and other necessary gadgets.


  • Hydraulic pump attached to the axial piston pup for paint tank stirrer.
  • Complete hydraulic power pack wit 50 litres capacity hydraulic tank.
  • Standard filter system and oil cooling system provided.

Optional extras

  • Air conditioned driver cabin.
  • GPRS for machine positioning
  • Daily report transfer USB port for the computer.
  • Cold paint tank with spray gun for pre-marking system

Dimension and weight

  • Height : 1600MM (2.3m)
  • Width : 2000mm (2.2m)
  • Length : 2200mm (4.2m)
  • Weight : 900kg

Note : Shri Balaji Road Marking Machines reserve the right to change the specification and design without notice for product improvement. We have preserved the original specification of road marking machines used world wide, especially in countries like Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Machines fabricated based on our continuous research and observation on Indian roads. It is our commitment to overcome the problems faced by the other conventional road marking machines which are now fabricated in India like mushroom . Well supported by trained fabrication and after sales team which are backed by foreign technical expert.

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