SB 150HX2 - Twin Hydralic Preheater

Technical Specification

  • Engine : Powered by 10hp Greaves diesel engine with electric start system. Twin Power Pack system with separate two engines with hydraulic pumps.
  • Paint tank capacity : 2X600kg (300liters) capacity vertical tank. Inner tank made of stainless steel. Outer layer made of mild steel plate as air jacket to maintain the heat. Purely air jacketed system for simple and fast operation.
  • Stirrer mixing system : Hydraulically driven stirrer system with various mixing speed.
  • Hydraulic system : Heavy-duty hydraulic system for the stirrer shaft with auto-release valve. Complete power pack to support the hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil cooler as optional extra, recommended during extreme summer season only and can be attached separately.
  • Structural design :Chassis and main frame are made of low carbon channels.
  • Paint tank material outlet :Specially designed material outlet door with gear controlled system for fast and smooth opening.
  • Temperature gauge : Attached with heavy-duty temperature gauges to monitor the thermoplastic paint prior for heating.
  • Burner system : A choice of LPG or Diesel(optional) to operate the heavy-duty burner. Fuel supply controlled and monitored by thermostat switch which can programmed according to the desired temperature requirement. One single pilot burner provided as a torch for the main burner at each tank.
  • Thermostat system : Danfoss made thermostat with 12V DC supply attached with the pre-heater to control and monitor flame during operation. It will supply the fuel to the burner according to the signal from the temperature gauge.


  • Weight : 2300Kgs (1700kg for basic machine and 600kg for two power packs)850Kgs
  • Width : 2200mm
  • Length : 2500mm
  • Height : 2200mm

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery : 4-5 weeks for fabrication and transportation to your site as per the normal forwarding time.
  • Warranty : 6 Months from the date of receiving of the machine in your site. Ware and tare and accident during work process could not be claimed.

Note : Shri Balaji Road Marking Machines reserve the right to change the specification and design without notice for product improvement. We have preserved the original specification of road marking machines used world wide, especially in countries like Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Machines fabricated based on our continuous research and observation on Indian roads. It is our commitment to overcome the problems faced by the other conventional road marking machines which are now fabricated in India like mushroom . Well supported by trained fabrication and after sales team which are backed by foreign technical expert.

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